Judicial Capacity Development and Training Division


Development of Judicial Capacity and Training Division is a division that is responsible to administer training devoted for Judicial Officers and Support Staffs of the Chief Registrar’s Office of the Federal Court Malaysia. This Division is headed by a Director and assisted by a Deputy Director, who is assisted by a number of Deputy Registrars and Senior Assistant Registrars.



  • To improve knowledge, skill and quality of service of Judicial and Support staffs with provision of related judicial training.
  • To devise and update the curriculum of judicial training that are relevant and dynamic based on research of current legal issues.
  • To conduct relevant research relating to the training needs and analysis of the impact on the organization as well as judicial officers to implement a dynamic, relevant training curriculum in line with the development of legal system.
  • To plan and conduct training/seminars/ workshops for all Judicial officers as well as Support Staffs with e-Training where the training/seminars/ workshops to be made available throughout the year in order to facilitate choices of training/seminars/ workshops by Judicial officers as well as Support Staffs to attend.
  • To establish collaboration with other training centers and agencies that conduct relevant training program / seminar / workshop in order to enhance the human capital of the officers and staff of the Chief Registrar’s Office.
  • To ensure the smooth operation of organization of program / seminar / workshop.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of program / seminar / workshop.
  • To monitor the record of the courses attendance of Judicial Officers in order to satisfy the requirement of 7-days attendance per annum is met.
  • To supervise applications for courses conducted by ILKAP or other related agencies.
  • To identify experienced judicial officers to deliver talks on courses organized by ILKAP and other agencies.
  • To coordinate and manage the budget allocated to Judicial Capacity Building and Training Division.
  • To coordinate applications submitted by Judicial Officers/ Support Staffs for Federal Scholarship (FS) – Fully paid study leave / Fully paid Study without a scholarship or partial scholarship Training Award [HLSB].
  • Coordinate the screening process of officers / support staff for their application to study sponsored by the government or other agencies.
  • To coordinate the application and the placement of Industrial Training (Practical) for Law students at the Chief Registrar’s Office throughout Malaysia.
  • To manage departure and return Hon. Judge / Judicial Officer attending courses abroad.


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