Policy and Legislation Division


Legal and Policy Division is a Division that provides legal advice and drafting of policies and regulations as per directives issued by the Chief Registrar of the Federal Court of Malaysia. This Division consists of two (2) Units namely the Policy Unit and the Legal Unit and is headed by a Director and for each unit there is a Deputy Director, who is assisted by a number of Deputy Registrars and Senior Assistant Registrars.



To draft policies and legislation efficiently and effectively in accordance with the laws.


Functions and Powers of the Policy and Legislation Division are:-

  1. To prepare and vet legal opinions on legal issues in respect of the policies of Office of the Chief Registrar;
  2. To prepare Cabinet Memoranda/Notes for any proposal of Office of the Chief Registrar and to provide Comments of Office of the Chief Registrar on Cabinet Memoranda referred to by federal ministries, departments and agencies in accordance with the policy of Office of the Chief Registrar;
  3. To give feedback on issues regarding   the policies of Office of the Chief Registrar to federal ministries, departments and agencies;
  4. To provide comments/opinions in relation to the Judiciary of Malaysia on the new Bills, Amending Bills and Subsidiary Legislation submitted by   federal ministries, departments and agencies;
  5. To review and research on Practice Directions/Chief Registrar’s Circulars /Chief Registrar’s Circular Letters;
  6. To prepare and vet memorandum of understanding between the Office of the Chief Registrar and the government/private agencies;
  7. To prepare proposal papers on matters relating to the Judicial service, establishment of Special Courts/Tribunals and the   development of organization of Office of the Chief Registrar;
  8. Secretariat of the Working Committee on Rules of Court;
  9. Secretariat of the Legal Review Committee;
  10. To attend meetings/discussions and consultations with all Divisions in the Office of the Chief Registrar /Ministries/Departments/other Agencies;
  11. To prepare answer for Verbal/Non-verbal Parliamentary Questions and legal opinion in respect of legal issues  pertaining to Judiciary of Malaysia raised in Parliament;
  12. To attend the House of Representative and House of Senate session as a representative of Office of the Chief Registrar;
  13. To coordinate Parliamentary affairs involving Office of the Chief Registrar as focal person;
  14. To conduct research or studies on any legal matters related to jurisdiction, procedure, guidelines and work process of the Courts; and
  15. To perform any other duties as instructed from time to time.

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