Registry Office of Federal Court

The Registry of the Federal Court is responsible for the administration and the management of the cases filed with the Federal Court. This office provides the legal support service to enable the Federal Court to hear and resolve the case smoothly. For the benefit of justice and the public, this office is responsible to ensure that the operation and disposal of the cases are done within the timeframe taking into account the co-operation given by all the parties involved.

The Registry of the Federal Court is headed by the Senior Deputy Registrar with the assistance of a numbers of Deputy Registrar and Senior Assistant Registrar. This office comprises of the Administration Unit, Civil Appeal Unit, Criminal Appeal Unit, Civil Application Unit, the Sabah and Sarawak Unit and the Case Management Unit.

Amongst others, the function of the Registry of the Federal Court are as follows: 

  • To perform the general administrative duties in order to ensure the good and fair delivery system at the Registry of the Federal Court.
  • To ensure the registration and processing of the documents for all the cases filed with the Federal Court are implemented efficiently and speedily.
  • To conduct case management in order to ensure that all the cases can be fixed for trial before the Federal Court Judge.
  • To conduct task in the open court in order to assist the Federal Court Judge to ensure that the trial in the Federal Court smoothly.
  • To peruse and approve the draft order and sealed order which have been filed with the Federal Court in order to ensure that the draft and sealed order are in accordance with the order granted by the Federal Court Judges Panel. The Registry is also responsible to solve any dispute with respect of the order that has been filed.




Pejabat Ketua Pendaftar, Mahkamah Persekutuan Malaysia, Aras 2,

Istana Kehakiman, Presint 3, 62506 PUTRAJAYA

No Tel : 603-8880 3500 (Operator)

Federal Court of Malaysia, Palace of Justice,
Precint 3, 62506 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Tel 03 8880 3500
Fax 03 8880 3886

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