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Legal Practicing Certificate Unit (USAG) is responsible for managing and providing Foreign Interpreters service for criminal cases in Criminal Court throughout Malaysia. These include criminal cases involving accused persons or witnesses whose requires translators in foreign languages, sign language, Sabah and Sarawak dialects and also Orang Asli languages.


Application for this service must be made through online application known as e-Jurubahasa.


This application can be accessed by the registered user by entering the registered user name and password. Through this application, user will have to specify the date, language and court where the foreign interpreter is required. Currently there are 268 languages ​​and dialects offered and it is increasing from time to time depending on the request of the courts throughout Malaysia.


Upon receiving request from the user, USAG as the System Administrator will appoint an interpreter registered under them to appear in the specified Court. Through this online application, the interpreter can either accept or reject the offer. Should they reject the offer, USAG will have to appoint another interpreter. Once the task is accepted by the interpreter, USAG will update the status in the system for user’s notification.


All users are required to verify the interpreter’s attendance and total hours of service provided by the appointed interpreter. This verification is required for the purpose of payment to the interpreter.


There is special column in the application for users to make a formal complaint regarding the services of the appointed interpreters. This complaint’s section allows USAG to monitor the quality of services of the appointed interpreters and thus improvement of quality can be made from time to time.


This online application enables all processes regarding the application, appointment, confirmation of attendance and claiming of allowance can be made online, thus eliminate the long manual process.


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