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This privacy policy explains the use and protection of information submitted by visitors through the website of the Chief Registrar's Office of the Federal Court in

All personal data are secured and stored with appropriate security technologies.

No personal information is collected when you surf except for information submitted by visitors through e-mails and registration in a secure portion of this website.

Although has links with government agencies or other agencies, this privacy policy applies only to this website. Visitors are advised to read and understand the privacy statements of each web page of other agencies.

For the purpose of improving security and efficiency of the website of the Chief Registrar's Office of the Federal Court of Malaysia, general visitor information such as browser type, domain names, country names and other information will be used in the compilation and analysis of demographic information and the pages visited by clients. However it does not involve the individual's privacy.

If there is any privacy policy changes, it will be updated on this page.



  1. Contributions and distribution of information and negative material that is contrary to policies is prohibited.
  2. Dissemination of information with political, seditious or racism tone or anything that affects the reputation of the Public Service is prohibited.
  3. Visitors must ensure that files sent via attachment are free of virus.
  4. Visitors are solely responsible for the information given.
  5. All information uploaded to this website must be approved by the Head of Division / Department.
  6. Websites of agencies or companies that require a link to this website or vice versa must get approval by the Head of Department.
  7. Intrusion or attempt to hack this website is prohibited.