Asean Chief Justices' Roundtable On Environment



The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region faces numerous environmental challenges such as climate change, habitat destruction, natural resource depletion, deforestation, illegal logging, illegal wildlife trade, ocean destruction, illegal fishing, rapid urbanization, and air and water pollution. These challenges are daunting but could be surmountable. The first step in addressing them is recognizing that they are the common concern of all countries in the region, and that they can only be resolved by making a concerted effort to raise awareness of the problem. Strengthening national environmental enforcement is needed, as is transboundary cooperation on environmental protection and transgovernment enforcement efforts.


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is committed to strengthening public institutions involved in environmental enforcement. In this regard, ADB has recognized the judiciary’s unique role in environmental protection. Chief justices and the senior judiciary are responsible for developing environmental jurisprudence and interpreting principles of environmental law. As primary guardians of the rule of law, they can raise awareness throughout the entire legal profession of the region’s and their nation’s common environmental challenges, the importance of environmental law and enforcement, and the role of the legal community in environmental protection. In hosting the Asian Judges Symposium on Environmental Decision Making, the Rule of Law, and Environmental Justice at ADB headquarters in Manila on 28–29 July 2010, ADB recognized the importance of the judiciary’s role in environmental law enforcement. At the symposium, Indonesian Chief Justice Harifin Tumpa invited all ASEAN Chief Justices for a roundtable on environment in Jakarta in 2011. This roundtable aimed to strengthen and reinforce the role of the judiciary in protecting the environment, as well as provide a public forum for the senior judiciary to establish common ground and forge linkages for future environmental initiatives.



  • Inaugural ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment

         5-7 December 2011

        Jakarta, Indonesia


  • 2nd ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment

        7-9 December 2012

        Melaka, Malaysia


  • 3rd ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment

        15-18 November 2013

        Bangkok, Thailand


  • 4th ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment

        12-14 December 2014

        Hanoi, Vietnam


  • 5th ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment

        4-5 December 2015

       Siem Reap, Cambodia


  •  6th ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment

        10-13 November 2016

        Palawan, Philippines