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Management Division is responsible for the administration and management of human resources and services. This division is also in charge of the financial aspect for the Chief Registrar's Office of the Federal Court of Malaysia. This division comprises of four (4) branchs, led by a Management Director. The four (4) branchs are known as Administrative Office, Financial Management, Counseling and Court Library. The Management Director is assisted by three (3) deputy directors and one (1) Head Librarian.

There are seven (7) sections under the Administrative Office. These sections are, Contract Coordination, Security, Human Resource Management, Management Services, Records Management, Information Management and Examination Section.

Under the Financial Management Unit, there are four (4) sections; Development and Maintenance, Procurement, Assets and Storage, Accounting and Finance. The Court Library is also under this division and it is divided into two (2) Sections. These sections are the Information & Referral Services Section and Documentation Service & Database Section.