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The Right Hon. Tan Sri Dato' Sri Azahar bin Mohamed 
Chief Judge of Malaya

The Right Honourable Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Azahar Bin Mohamed was born on 27th April 1956 in Johor Bahru, Johor. Justice Azahar bin Mohamed obtained his LLB degree from University of Malaya in 1980 and LLM from London School of Economics in 1987. Justice Azahar has had a long career with the Judicial and Legal services since 1980.

His Lordship has held several positions, amongst them are:

  • Senior Assistant Registrar, High Court, Johor Bahru (1980);

  • Deputy Public Prosecutor, Pahang (1983);

  • Deputy Public Prosecutor, Negeri Sembilan (1987);

  • Deputy Public Prosecutor, Kelantan (1990);

  • Senior Federal Counsel, Anti-Corruption Agency (1991);

  • Legal Adviser, Royal Customs and Excise Department Malaysia (1992);

  • Deputy Registrar of Companies (1992);

  • Deputy Head of Prosecution, Attorney General’s Chambers (1996);

  • Head of Prosecution, Attorney General's Chambers (1997); and

  • Head of Civil Division, Attorney General's Chambers (2000).

On 1st August 2004, Justice Azahar Mohamed was appointed as a Judicial Commissioner and served the High Court at Johor Bahru. On 27th July 2006, His Lordship was elevated as a High Court Judge of Malaya. On 1st January 2009, His Lordship served the High Court of Commercial Division, Kuala Lumpur. On 1st May 2009, His Lordship served as Intellectual Property Judge, Kuala Lumpur High Court.  On 11th May 2011, His Lordship was elevated as a Judge, Court of Appeal. On 12th 2014, His Lordship was elevated as a Federal Court Judge.

On 9th October — 31st December 2015, Awarded Visiting Fellowship of Inns of Court at the Institute Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

Justice Azahar Mohamed was a Managing Judge of Kuala Lumpur High Court (Civil Division, Criminal Division, Family Court, Construction Court and Appellate & Special Powers Division) (2012 — 2017).

On 8th February 2018, His Lordship was appointed as a Judge of the Special Court pursuant to Article 182 of the Federal Constitution.

On 17th May 2019, His Lordship was designated by the Right Hon. Chief Justice to exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Chief Judge of Malaya and on 08th August 2019, His Lordship was appointed as the Chief Judge of Malaya.

Office of Chief Judge of Malaya
Federal Court of Malaysia
Level 5, Istana Kehakiman
Presint 3

   03-8880 3500